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Since more than 20 years "Berthold Immobilien" sells property - houses, terraced houses, fincas and bungalows across the Costa del Sol. We have a solid experiance from which our customers profit.

We posess all the knowledge to handle all formalities (notary, land register, banks). Our customers have no risk. 


The Costa del Sol:

The Spanish Costa del Sol is the jewel of the Andalusian coast. This special region offers something for everyone. The most beautiful beaches of whole Europe are sizuated across the 150 km coastline. All in the best climate! The general state of cleanliness of the beaches is first-rate, as shown by sanitary reports carried out every year.

Capitol of the Costa del Sol is the city of Málaga. Travellers arrive here. Thanks to an unbeatable infrastructure travel connections are optimal. From the airport it is just five minutes to Málaga. From here any point of the region can comfortably be reached by car, train or on the waterway. 

The exclusive hotels and urbanisations offer a variety of sport aktivities. Its international flair is surrounded by an impressive landscape with cosy bathing bays, steep coasts and large beaches.

At the east of the Costa del Sol ("Axarquía") visitors will find traditional rural villages where they experience the Spanish culture and traditions firsthand. At all, cultural supply is very rich. There is not just folklore and "Flamenco", but numerous modern theaters and museums enrich the cultural life.

There are many good reasond for your own residence at the "Costa del Sol"! 


The climate of the "Costa del Sol" is typical mediterrain - dry and warm summers and very mild winters. Rain is a rarity, the sun shines for 320 days per year. There is just one stormy day and just four foggy days in the years average.

A healthy surrounding with wooded mountains, lakes and clean air, rises joy for life and the well-being. It is no surprise that even 90year old people play golf here every day!


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Infrastructure in the region is exemplary. Develpoement of roads and rails are outstanding. Medical supply is excellent. A tight net of hospitals and doctors secures health of the inhabitants at any time. For your pet you can find veterinary surgeons in every village. 

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Our urbanisations offer a wide range of sports activities:
swimming, surfing, sailing, golf, tennis, bowling and much much more.

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